Mobility Car Comparison

There are many wheelchair accessible vehicles that aid mobility available on the market today, in this article we compare just a few of the most popular choices available today.

The Renault Autograph is a stylish car designed specifically with the purpose of transporting people in wheelchairs in mind. The car comes with both automatic and manual transmission options. It’s design is based on the Renault Kangoo but has been adapted to be as wheelchair accessible as possible. The wheelchair ramp is particularly wide giving more space to get out which can be important when there’s obstacles where you’ve parked. The car is also very spacious, so if you need extra equipment or just a lot of shopping you shouldn’t run out of space to put it in. The headroom is high all the way to the front of the vehicle, making it very comfortable to drive. It’s also got lots of well thought out storage near the wheel allowing you to keep all your essentials nearby.

Another option is the Peugeot Presto, which is based on the Peugeot Bipper. It’s an automatic transmission car and is relatively compact making it good for fitting into small parking spaces in cities. It’s got spaces for a driver, a passenger and the wheelchair passenger along with space for storage and big windows. Peugeot also make the Impulse which is a similar vehicle in a slightly different style. It has an automatic tailgate and ramp and fully flat floors. This vehicle is the top choice for those who want to drive from their wheelchair and offers a locking station in front of the wheel. Some prefer to keep a drivers seat and make the transfer from the passenger seat, thus allowing the vehicle to be used by drivers who don’t have a wheelchair too. Equally both the driver and passenger seat can be made into wheelchair docks allowing two wheelchair bound passengers to sit together at the front of the vehicle while driving.

Volkswagen offer a rather large option called the Volkswagen Vista. These are great for families travelling together with a wheelchair bound passenger as far more seats are maintained than most other options. The ramp on these vehicles folds flat, meaning the vehicle has a lot of space available in it for other functions such as carrying your shopping.

The Italian car maker Fiat also have options including the very box-like Doblo Dynamic and the slightly larger Doblo Active. These usually retain one back seat next to the wheelchair space, allowing them to be used for small families and contain lowered floors and an access ramp.

Kia meanwhile have the Sedona which offers a version with a wheelchair ramp into the boot with lots of spare space for carrying essentials and preserving the back seats making it ideal for family usage. The floor here is lowered giving plenty of head room and allowing the wheelchair bound passenger to sit next to the two back seat passengers.

Other options are available, often being cars that have been adapted for specific needs, and these come in many brands. Keep on open mind when searching and you might find a gem that’s ideally suited to your requirements.