Mobility Cars

Mobility Cars is a government scheme which offers cars suited to those who are disabled at discounted prices. Anyone in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component in their Disability Living Allowance (or those with the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement) can take advantage of the scheme.

The scheme basically works by providing an allowance to get a car or vehicle on lease with, you can use all of part of your allowance and choose from a wide range of cars on offer. If you get a car that costs less than your allowance you can spend the difference as you see fit, giving you extra cash for life's little luxuries.

The main scheme provider is motability who along with the cars offer full insurance including RAC breakdown cover, car tax and a milage allowance of 60,000 over three years (Which car insurance group is your mobility car in?). They also will do many of the adaptions needed to make the car suitable for your disability absolutely free.

Obviously you won't want to spend every second of the day driving and it would seem a waste to have a car that only you can drive. Luckily motability allow you to nominate two other drivers which can prove useful if you don't feel up to the drive to the shops.

The car doesn't have to be just for your own disability, if you look after someone else, even a child over three, who receives the disability mobility allowance than you can lease a car on their behalf in order to help them get about. If you don't currently receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component then you could try to argue your case for getting it to the Department of Work and Pensions.

If your eligible for the scheme then you need to find a dealership who are both near you and experienced in proving cars under the scheme. Look for deals who can offer vehicle adaptions such as Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle converters. When you've found one visit them and talk about your specific requirements and what car you want. See if they have a suitable vehicle for you to test drive available. Even if your vehicle needs modification, there's still a wide choice in car models available and you shouldn't just settle for what the dealer has in stock.

If you're reading about the scheme but already have a car you own then sadly you're out of luck. There are options though, you could sell your car in order to raise a bit of cash then use the scheme or some dealerships will allow you to trade in to get onto the scheme.

Adaptations to your vehicle available include ones that will help you be able to drive it, ones to allow more space for wheelchair and scooter storage and ones to make it easier for you to get in and out of the car. These are generally available for free as part of the programme, although more complex adaptions do have costs associated with them. A full list of these is available and it's useful to look over it to make sure you get the best adaptions for your own personal needs.